Retrospect Release Notes – Version


  • Windows app –
  • Windows client –
  • Mac client –
  • Linux client –


  • NEWCloud Certifications: Amazon S3 Virtual-Host Style paths – See details
  • NEWCloud Certifications: Alibaba Cloud
  • NEWCloud Certifications: Backblaze B2’s S3 API
  • NEWCloud Certifications: Webair
  • FIXEDGrooming: Fixed issue where grooming fails under certain scenarios (#8700)
  • FIXEDGrooming: Fixed issue with SQL backup and grooming (#8713)
  • FIXEDTransfer Backup: Fixed issue where transfer snapshot with multiple sources did not properly close set after use (#8737)
  • FIXEDProactiveAI: Fixed issue where backups could run even when script is inactive (#8739)
  • FIXEDStorage Groups: Fixed issue where backing up to a storage group while transferring results in -843 error (#8821)
  • FIXEDShares: Fixed issue where Retrospect crashed on share registry keys that contain a nested key with the same name (#8785)


  • NEWApple macOS Big Sur Support
  • NEWApple Silicon Support (using Rosetta)
  • FIXEDRestore-on-Demand: Fixed issue where restoring to a different folder changes its permissions (#8603)