InsiderGuard - The biggest threats will come from where you least expect

When envisioning the threats to your organization, malicious nation states or greedy virtual thieves located halfway around the world might loom large.

But what if the risk is an undercover employee? What if it’s a person who’s not even real? What if it’s the neighbor you never suspected? In 2021 we’re going to see threats emerge from unexpected places, and sometimes the call will be coming from inside the house.

Insider Risk

Insider Threat-as-a-service

In the past we’ve thought of “insider threats” as disgruntled employees who walk out of the building with proprietary information hidden in their briefcases. But today, your employees may be scattered around the world, you may hire them after only meeting via Zoom, and they may never step foot inside one of your offices. And today, you can buy almost anything on the dark web, including “trusted insiders.”

In 2021, I expect to see organized cells of recruitment infiltrators offering specifically targeted means for bad actors to become trusted employees, with the goal of exfiltrating priceless IP. These “bad actors,” literally, will become deep undercover agents who fly through the interview process and pass all the hurdles your HR and security teams have in place to stop them.

  • Corporate fraud detection
  • Access rights audit and data classification
  • Database activity monitoring
  • Software and hardware monitoring
  • Incidents investigation
  • Ensuring safe remote work
  • UEBA and control of suspicious behavior
  • Compliance
  • Operational management
  • Risk assessment and prevention
  • Employee performance monitoring
  • Automated personal profiling

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