Cloudbric WAF+

No.1 in the Asia Pacific – WAF with A.I & Logic-based detection engine Fully Managed Web Application and API Protection

Cloudbric WAF+ lowers the already best-in-class false-positive rates.
It detects not only the traditional attack patterns but also the modified or new attack methods.

We show you not only how the attack happened, but WHY.

How is Cloudbric WAF+ different?

Trumps simple Pattern-matching

Cloudbric WAF+ is equipped with logic- based intelligent WAF engine that was voted as Asia Pacific’s No.1.

Semantic +
Heuristic Analysis

It parses the code of all of the web traffics to understand the “Intent” of the attack

Low False Positive

Patented logic engine deep learning A.I. module to validate log for lower false-positive rate.

Verified Accuracy

The latest logic engine
boasts industry-leading
accuracy (as verified by
the Wizlynx group
penetration testing).

Effectively and efficiently respond to cyber threats.

Cloudbric provides cybersecurity services on the cloud to customers around the world via 28 service nodes and 50+ global edge locations.