Xopero One

Xopero ONE Backup&Recovery

All-in-ONE DR and backup software

Physical, virtual, SaaS, and DevOps backup built for IT departments, security professionals, and MSP. Designed for your compliance needs

ONE to protect it all

Key features for complete data protection

Instant restore, Bare Metal Restore, Cross-platform, Granular Recovery - get your business back to work within minutes.
Keep your management service in secure Xopero Cloud, don’t invest in physical servers, and reduce costs. Xopero ONE will perform as SaaS.
Data-driven dashboards, secure password manager, 3 clicks to protect 1 or 1M devices - backup has never been so easy and time-saving.
Unless you want to keep it on-premise, manage multiple locations, storages - Xopero ONE adjusts to your scenario.
Multi-site management, multi-tenancy, no single point of failure, enterprise-class features - scale safely, up to infinity
NAS, SAN, Public/private cloud, SaaS, multi-cloud, hybrid - keep your backups wherever you want.

ONE to protect it all

All-in-ONE Backup and Recovery software for your physical, virtual, and SaaS environments. Protect whatever you want anywhere – on-premise, in the cloud, in multi-cloud or hybrid infrastructure.

Smart & easy management

Use even the most advanced features to protect each organizational scenario – easily, effortless, resource-free. Data-driven views, dashboard-based, multi-site management, and advanced search make it simple and time-saving.

Made with SMB in mind

Reliable architecture, multi-tenancy, mass-deployment, 3 clicks to protect from one to infinite number of devices, backup spread in time – now the enterprise-class features are affordable to everyone, even without advanced IT-skills.

Are you looking for reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery?