Mailvault Email Archiving Solution for enterprise email long term archiving

The current pandemic has sped up the adoption of digitization across the world, and especially in the Southeast Asia

Organization and businesses are embracing e-commerce at a record growth, and consumers generally are getting comfortable transacting digitally. The new normal of working-from-home has increased the need to have tighter control over the information flow and data exposure.

Email is becoming very crucial to businesses and with the 300% growth of email volume year on year, a method to store and retrieve emails is becoming crucial and must have for many organizations.

One company that is looking to help customers e-discover emails fast is Microdium Distribution (Microdium), a leading business continuity Value Added Distributor in the region that serves its partners, resellers, and managed service providers through comprehensive solutions since 2010

MailVault securely backs-up your entire organization’s email into a centralized archive. Powerful search mechanisms allow you to view and restore email for any user, any email address, over any time period.

Compatible with all mail systems, MailVault readies your company for e-discovery and compliance, and helps you save money in the process. You can also store the email data directly in AWS, Azure Cloud Buckets and other s3-compatible storage, making it a very cost-effective solution.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore Microdium partners works 100% with resellers, system integrators, and OEMs to deliver innovation and cost-effective business continuity and cybersecurity solution for enterprise computing environments.

As a business continuity solution distributor, Microdium has seen some real cases where customers were struggling to produce emails for litigation cases and more so with high turnover of staff in some industries like IT and Banking.

“We chose to partner with MailVault because of its rich feature set, the flexibility to be used in almost any type of scenario and a very friendly price point, which is a fraction of the cost of other Archiving solutions in the market”, says Dr. M.C.Sajiv. “Being the Distributor for Mdaemon Email Servers for the past 10 years, we understand email and look forward to adding value to our customers with MailVault.”Final Words

Microdium and MailVault aim to assist both Resellers and Customers to deploy a robust email archiving solution that can span thousands of users either on-premise on in the cloud. For any queries, please email

Sharad Popli, Founder of DigitalGlue, the creator of MailVault, says, “We look forward to serving a new community of MailVault users and to a strong future with Microdium. Through this partnership, Microdium resellers have support in their time zone and a local, central point of contact for all pre-sales and post-sales support.” For any enquiries, please email