Full Visibility of File Data for Minimization and eDiscovery

Identify and eliminate Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial content (ROT) to keep data clean, reduce file storage costs, improve visibility and achieve data readiness for data compliance with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, SOX and other government, federal, state and industry laws.


Simplified File Management

SISCIN is a cloud solution hosted in Azure that provides File Analysis, Management, and Control. Our online dashboard of single or multi-locations presents full drill-down reporting of your entire file server data. Insight creates knowledge that creates control, with policy-based actions for cleanup, deduplication, content indexing, and secure stub archiving directly to the public cloud.

Features and Benefits – How we help

Regain control of your file server data. SISCIN reduces management time and the demand on primary disk by moving older files to an alternative secure encrypted location, reducing backup timeframes and costs. SISCIN also provides content search and sets automatic policies for continuous lifecycle management.


Fact-based decisions cannot be made on guesswork. SISCIN removes the guesswork and creates clear reports of your data for automatic policy setting and management. Start your organizations journey to the Cloud today.


Our web-based centralized dashboard provides remote access and control of single or multi-locations. Reports such as owner, location, size, age, access, and type enable a complete overview of your company’s file servers.


Move your non-critical data to your Cloud via compressed and encrypted transfer. Archived files are Stubbed to the original location with zero impact to the end-user. SISCIN ensures uninterrupted file access and protection against data loss.


Option to add content indexing of files before archiving to enable search and retrieval based on keywords or phrases. To assist with the automation of eDiscovery, FOIA, GDPR, and Regulatory investigations


Bit Level Encryption – SISCIN fully compresses and encrypts data locally on your file servers before transfer to the archive. Selected files can be split and stored in different cloud tiered storage locations or multiple providers for additional security.


With the removal of obsolete and the archiving of older data, you can reduce the demands on primary and expensive disk. This will also reduce your current Backup time and costs by approx. 70% per month.

SISCIN – How It Works

Map – Analysis

Full drill-down reports of file server data
SISCIN is hosted within Azure with a simple drop-in 7kb agent onto your file servers, removing the need for additional hardware. The SISCIN dashboard is web-based providing remote configuration, access, and policy setting. SISCIN Analysis provides full reporting of your file server data so you understand your data.

Manage – Create Policies

Create single and automated policies to regain control
Now that you understand your data, you can take action to remove Redundant, Obsolete & Trivial data, create automatic policies to clean your data, and separate your important data for reporting, deleting, archiving, and indexing your files, giving you back control of your data.

Move – Data Destination

Automatically compress & encrypt files before moving directly to Archive
Move your data directly to public Cloud storage via compressed and encrypted transfer for security and peace of mind. Reduce your storage and backup costs whilst starting your organizations journey to the Cloud. Providing deduplication, clean up, and lifecycle management with our Vue-X content indexing delivering eDiscovery and compliance search of your unstructured file data.

SISCIN Vue-X File Index

Content indexing to assist with eDiscovery, FOIA, GDPR, and global regulations. With searchable content of unstructured file data at its core, Vue-X allows unprecedented access and visibility to the content of your file server data. Providing search by keywords and phrases of 550 different file types, regardless of file extension.


File data by its very structure is difficult if not impossible to search through for specific content, making even basic keyword searches time consuming and resource-heavy. Vue-X provides visibility for quick, clear, and easy searching.


Vue-X provides SIMPLE, ADVANCED, and COMPLEX search options for keyword, phrase, boolean, path, owner, creation, modified, and pre-set filtering searches.


The best of both, secure and encrypted cloud archiving with a fully customizable content search of eDiscovery, legal, internal and global regulations. The right data in the right place, saving you time and money with full peace of mind.

The Right Data in the Right Place, Always Available When You Need It