This is part 1 of our mini-series “Microsoft 365 and MailStore Server for new customers”.
In this video, we describe the initial configuration of MailStore Server and how to connect it to your Microsoft 365 tenant in order to synchronize user information from Microsoft 365.

In the second part, we will show you how you can customize the archiving profiles:

You can find a detailed overview of all the steps in our online help: https://mlstr.eu/sync-microsoft-365-en

Further information about the administration of user rights and their effects can be found here: https://help.mailstore.com/en/server/index.php?title=Users,_Folders_and_Settings

For more background information, we would like to recommend our blog article: https://www.mailstore.com/en/blog/tech-tips-archiving-microsoft-365-for-new-mailstore-customers/

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