Server Backup Manager


Fast, Smart, Affordable Server Backup Software

  • Fast – Backup in minutes with Server Backup Manager using continuous data protection
  • Multi-tenant – Multi-tenant policies retain separation between customers
  • Multi-platform – Windows, Linux, Physical and Virtual environments
  • Flexible Data Recovery – From single files to a bare metal restore
  • NEW! Disk Safe Replication – Online replication for offsite storage

Continuous Data Protection® Technology

Backup server data at the block level bypassing the file system and reading data directly from the disk or volume. Block level backup provides advantages over traditional file backup technologies including the speed of completing a backup operation, a drastic reduction in disk and network I/O, the ability to perform backups as often as every 15 minutes and no performance penalty for servers having a large number of files.

Quick Restore

Recover large file systems or entire servers fast with Bare-Metal Restore. Granular file restore and one-click VM restore. Restore even while a backup job is running.

Onsite & Offsite Backups

Using tapes for offsite backups is costly, tedious and time-consuming. Server Backup Manager offers a more efficient method — Multi-Point Replication. Make multiple copies for on-site or offsite with no interruption to servers. Portable Disk Safe® technology lets you move your backups wherever you need them.

Data Retention Policies

Define a replication goal (for example, every 15 minutes) and how many recovery points to retain. Old recovery points are automatically merged and their storage is recycled.

Disk Safe Verification

Monitors your data to make sure it’s safe from corruption. Disk Safe Verification can be scheduled to run periodically or on demand detecting and alerting you in the event of corruption. This reduces the need for test restores, and gives you confidence in the integrity and restore-ability of your data.

Powerful File Excludes

Browse file system and select any combination of files and folders to be excluded from your policy. Add advanced rules and exclude rules using patterns to exclude only certain file types.


AES-256 Disk Safe Encryption can be enabled at the time of creation of Disk Safes for backup data. This aids in the protection of data stored in the backup server, and in protection of the data over the network.

*New in 5.6* Disk Safe® Replication

Replicate a Disk Safe for offsite storage without taking the Disk Safe offline. Disk Safe can now be fully replicated while it is online giving you the freedom to conduct a replication without fear of losing data.

*New in 5.6* Self-Service MySQL Restore

cPanel users currently have the ability to restore files and directories as a self-service feature from their Control Panel however when their MySQL database needed to be restored it required that the Hosting Provider get involved to carry out the restoration. This normally delayed the cPanel user from accessing their data and created an unnecessary expense for the Hosting Provider. Now with version 5.6, cPanel users are back in control and able to restore their MySQL database as a self-service whenever the need arises.