ManTech Continuous Cluster Server

MCCS provides high availability & disaster recovery for mission/business critical applications for Windows andLinux platforms on physical, virtual and mixed environment.
What solutions should be considered for always-on IT infrastructure? High availability, backup and enterprise performance management will may be the first considerations. Most corporations and organizations look for each solutions to maximize the availability.
MCCS Enterprise provides all-in-one solution for always-on IT infrastructure with centralized high availability and disaster recovery management for physical, virtual and mixed complex infrastructures including failover clustering and real-time block replication. MCCS Enterprise also provides system and application performance monitoring and availability charts and reports, as well as the ability to build automatic HA/DR deployment, configuration and HA/DR policy.
MCCS Enterprise Edition: Maximized availability management made easy, affordable and with minimal costs.
Fully automated workflow for HA/DR
Normally, it takes days and weeks to build up HA/DR . There is bunch of jobs to prepare recovery server, installs OS, applications , HA/DR software in it, lots of scripting of recovery scenario for each case and testing. MCCS enterprise provides fully automated workflow and management of these tasks.
Proactive monitoring
There will be some symptoms like performance degradation, bottleneck of I/O which will bring application hang up and abnormal resource consumption of hardware before meet failure. MCCS Enterpriser provides proactive service protection and performance monitoring.
Availability chart&reporting
C-level managers request periodic reports on availability status and charts and reports for mission-critical services. Printing out these documents to cover any period of time is a huge job. MCCS Enterprise Edition makes it much easier with availability status, charts and reports for each resource, node, cluster and group for any user-defined period.


Key Features

– Consolidated web dashboard
– Multi-tenancy cluster set management with one console
– Performance monitoring of server resources and applications
– Availability reporting
– Automatic HA/DR agent deployment
– Automatic cluster building
– Automatic cloning of standby server on standby host for virtual infrastructure
– vCenter plug in of management console



– Eliminates management costs for HA/DR with automatic features.
– No human labor for HA/DR building.
– Proactive performance monitoring results in less IT service downtime.
– Enterprise-level dashboard will increase productivity of your business.
MCCS Enterprise MCCS Virtual MCCS Workgroup
Physical to Physical V V
Physical to Virtual V V
Virtual to Virtual V V V
Web console V V V
Failover clustering V V V
Parallel groups V V V
Real time replication V V V
Consolidated dashboard V V
Performance monitoring V V
Availability reporting V V
Automatic workflow V V
Automatic cluster building V V
HA to DR V V