Say Hello to Automated Data Center Management

Discovery and Asset Management for Data Center and Cloud

Automatic and agentless discovery of infrastructure and application dependencies. Provides the data you need to manage, transform, and optimize with confidence.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual drawings which are, at best, inefficient and outdated. Device42 auto-generates accurate infrastructure and inter-dependencies diagrams making data center management faster, easier, and accurate.

  • Gain accurate infrastructure visibility – know what you have, where it’s located, how it’s connected, and who owns it
  • Go beyond just the physical – gain visibility into blades, virtual machines, cloud instances, and applications running on them
  • Device42’s comprehensive infrastructure management enables more informed decision making
Say no to excel
Go from Anarchy to Organization

Transform IT Anarchy into IT Organization”

Access real-time data to understand how the data center is configured, where resources are assigned, and how those resources are being consumed.

  • Know the next IP address to be used and eliminate Ping reliance
  • Understand which racks have enough space to house new servers
  • Know which users are affected by scheduled and unscheduled outages
  • Know if a server/OS is still supported
  • Maintain accurate server-switch port connections
  • Accurately manage rack power and cooling capacities
  • Anticipate the impacts of unplanned device outages
  • Know device inter-dependencies and their services relationships

Dramatically Reduce Data Entry

Increase data center staff productivity by minimizing data entry tasks and by eliminating low value data entry, IT staff can spend more time on high value business initiatives.

  • Device42’s auto-discovery tools do most of the work for you
  • Device42’s open and powerful REST API is well documented and easy to use – enabling input/output of data from external sources (and from the UI) with features like .XLS API imports
  • Without excessive data entry, you can build the next cool thing and make world a better place

Effectively Manage Asset Life Cycles

  • Improve your planning with financial data for budgeting
  • Record purchases
  • Proactively manage contracts and maintenance renewals
  • Eliminate waste and save money

Resolve Technical Issues Faster

  • Improve your infrastructure service delivery with accurate and actionable data
  • Device42 will discover and correlate relationships between physical, logical, and virtual environments – providing a powerful tool for problem solving
  • The next time a data center emergency arises, save the day in style!
Quickly find servers and relations and get to bottom of a technical issue quickly
Central and secure management of shared accounts and passwords...

Centrally Manage Shared Accounts and Passwords

  • Take control of who has access to what systems
  • Ensure that data center teams have the information they need, when they need it
  • Map shared / service accounts to devices and applications
  • Manage shared accounts & passwords with granular access controls
  • Track password views, expiration dates, and password changes
  • And yes…keep the auditors happy, happy, happy!