Cross platform file synchronization and file replication software

Move data between systems


Migrate data between Windows, Mac, Linux, AIX, Solaris.

  • Continuous data protection
  • Continuous file synchronization
  • Automatic file replication
  • Encrypted data movement
  • For the LAN, WAN and between Clouds
  • Reduce costs and risks.

Secure file replication software for automatic file transfer and synchronization between heterogeneous platforms and remote sites.

Reducing risks of data loss, reducing risks data leaks and maximizing efficiency

EDpCloud is used for:

  • Data remote backup using file replication software with no proprietary formats
  • Data protection with no restore time: Data is accessible(No restore is needed)
  • Data aggregation from many different operating systems and sites
  • Data sharing accross systems and sites
  • Data migration to the cloud or between operating systems
  • Encrypted Data delivery for operations and decision making
  • Secure File Transfer, replication and remote available online backup
  • Moving large amounts of data automatically between systems and sites.