Compliance Issues With The Technologies Replacing Email

Along with Increases in Productivity and Reach Come Real Risks

New collaboration platforms such as Slack and Facebook Workplace are rapidly gaining traction in businesses large and small, especially among younger workers and millennials who gravitate to these tools because they are much more immediate and efficient than trading emails or voice messages. However, such gains in workforce productivity can come with unforeseen compliance risks, especially among heavily regulated financial companies. In this latest piece, Mike Pagani shares how to protect these new communication platforms, which are subject to the same regulatory and compliance requirements as other forms of electronic communications, such as emails and texts.

It feels like it was not that long ago that emails drove the reactive part of our business days, reading and responding to the urgent ones as they popped into our inboxes. Not so, lately.

If your business environment is like most these days, a growing number of your employees are spending more cumulative time in Slack (or a different collaboration platform) on a daily, and sometimes nightly basis for team-related internal communications instead of using email. If you are a private sector business, then your marketing department is also using social media channels and apps to reach new customers and communicate with existing ones a lot more compared to email marketing as well.


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