FileCloud – Private Cloud

FileCloud allows you to run your own private cloud storage and sync solution for your employees, customers and clients. Think of it as your own personalized Dropbox like solution.

A private cloud solution such as FileCloud offers the same features and advantages of public cloud services, but doesn’t have drawbacks of public cloud computing services.

Basic features

  • Secured file access from anywhere
  • Sync files across computers
  • Mobile apps
  • Share file as a link
  • Access remote files as drive
  • On-premise or On-Cloud

Key differentiating features

  • Active directory Integration
  • NTFS Permissions/Access Based Enumeration support
  • Searchable audit reports (What, when, who and How)
  • Custom Branding
  • Remote mobile device management (Block, Wipe)
  • Endpoint Backup(Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • Automatic Photos/Videos Backup from iOS and Android Devices
  • Multi-Admin/RBAC
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • AWS/OpenStack Support
  • Outlook add-on
  • Available in Dutch, Italian, German and French

Following video explains a few differentiating features of FileCloud

Following video explains ‘Data Loss Prevention and Mobile Device Management’ features of FileCloud.


The FileCloud is typically installed on a server that resides on the customer’s premises. FileCloud can be installed on a hosted site as well. The server is fully managed by customers like you. FileCloud software which runs on the server provides all the cloud services.

Types of Users

Three type of users interact with FileCloud services.

    • Administrators – have access to configure, and manage the FileCloud system. (e.g. 2-3 staff in your IT) .
    • Regular users – can access your FileCloud instance using the web browser, or mobile apps. Depending on their access privileges, regular users (e.g. your employees) can access, share or upload files into FileCloud server. Additional client software such as FileCloud Sync, Drive and Outlook plug-in provide enhanced features and truly set FileCloud apart from our competition.
    • Guest users– with whom regular users have shared a link to a folder or file in the system. (e.g. customers, clients, partners -outside your company)

Key Features for regular users

      • Access and share files from Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or any web browser
      • Collaborate within teams, across multiple offices, and with business partners using file links and shared folders.
      • Sync files across computers and across team to access files even when not connected to internet

Key Features for Admin users

    • Centrally control user access permissions
    • Monitor file/folder access and usage through audit reports
    • Optimize file access speed using local storage synchronized with online storage
    • Eliminate the cost of complexity of maintaining a traditional file server