Complete Endpoint Protection:
Endpoint Backup, DLP & Simplified Migration

Cibecs is a complete solution for simple & secure business data protection and equips business IT with industry-leading endpoint backup and DLP which includes encryption, remote wipe and Data Theft Prevention.

IT can easily migrate backed up users to new operating systems or hardware, and prove Corporate Governance Compliance.

Designed for today’s mobile & distributed business environments, and for both Windows and Mac OS platforms, Cibecs makes Data Protection & Data Loss Prevention easy for IT.


Built for endpoint backup

As vital business data moves from the data centre to the edge, business critical files exist solely on user machines. Cibecs is built from the ground up for business endpoint data protection.

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Remote wipe

Cibecs gives your organization powerful multi-layered protection against data theft and unauthorized access to business files through integrated endpoint encryption, remote wipe, data theft prevention.

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Simplified Device Refresh & Data Migration

On both Windows and Mac Operating Systems, IT can recover a single file, or migrate all user data to a new machine or OS quickly and easily. Cibecs comprehensive reporting means ensured compliance.

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Easy to Deploy, Implement & Manage

From centrally managed policies to integrated remote deployment, Cibecs simplifies implementation & management of your data protection policies across thousands of users.



Cibecs is a complete end user data solution, offering businesses a single, integral solution built from the ground up for simple, secure & complete business data protection.

Central Control & Management

From granular central policy setting, to being able to centrally enable encryption, remotely wipe or revoke data access and enable geolocation of devices, Cibecs is built for complete central control over business endpoints.


  • Centrally managed backup policies allowing full control over backup selection, quotas, schedule options and settings
  • Lock-down of all settings restricts users from changing policy
  • Dynamic throttling ensures minimal impact on the user during backups
  • Simplified & centrally managed automated deployment
  • Intuitive central reporting & management features



  • Business PC data is protected and archived automatically without user involvement or interruption
  • Simple and fast deployment and control through an intuitive interface saves time
  • Easier corporate governance & risk management compliance with complete control over data protection
  • Cibecs Protection Rating allows you to monitor the effectiveness of Cibecs, and protection against data loss over thousands of users.


data deduplication : Reduced Bandwidth & Storage Costs

Along with multiple other cost-saving benefits, Cibecs significantly drives down your business bandwidth & storage costs with multiple data reduction features, including Cibecs data deduplication.


  • Cibecs data deduplication reduces required bandwidth and storage space
  • Centrally set backup policies ensure that only business data is backed up
  • Bandwidth throttling ensures minimal impact on the network



  • Drastically reduced bandwidth & storage costs
  • Cost effective solution for protecting mobile workforce
  • Centralize your remote office backups.
  • Greater control over storage infrastructure


Easily Scalable

Cibecs is easy to install and deploy across thousands of users, and provides simplified central reporting by branch or by server. Cibecs allows for scalable Remote Brach & Office Backup, and is easily scaled across organisations with multiple offices.


  • Simple installation & automated deployment
  • Allows for scaling while preventing pressure on the network & inflated bandwidth costs
  • Consolidated Dashboard and reporting allows for unified reporting across multiple servers or branches/li>



  • Easily install & deploy across your network
  • Protect your mobile workers & remote branches
  • Centralize your remote office backups.
  • Management has greater control over operational costs


Corporate Governance Compliance

With complete central control over backup policies, additional data loss prevention features & intuitive business and technical reporting, Cibecs ensures compliance to Corporate Governance & Data Protection regulations.