• Altaro VM Backup connection manager now requires the host password to be provided each time a connection to a remote Altaro VM Backup console is being initiated.
  • Includes a new messaging and a KB link which explains that Azure Storage Account connection strings can make use of either a Shared Access Signature (SAS) token or an Access Key when setting up offsite copy locations.


  • Fixes an issue where a user would be unable to start restore operations from the Altaro Cloud Management Console (CMC) for a VM following an Encryption Key change. The restore operation would still function correctly if performed via the local Management Console and the backups were unaffected. This affected build 8.17 and higher.
  • Fixes an issue where importing of configuration backups when replacing an Altaro VM Backup and Altaro Offsite Server would fail if they are installed on the same Windows Server.
  • Fixes an issue which could mark Offsite Copies as overdue even though the next Offsite Copy schedule has not yet been skipped.
  • Fixes an issue where restoring a virtual disk using instant disk mount would fail to unmount the virtual disk from the host machine.
  • Fixes an issue that would not allow a Seed Import operations to run if retention operations are being processed on the Altaro Offsite Server.
  • Fixes an issue where a perpetual standard license with multiple seats would only allow 5 VMs to be licensed across an entire installation. This has been corrected to limit 5 VMs on each host.
  • Includes other fixes and improvements.