cibecs endpoint

Release 3.0.3 – Cloud, Protection Agent, Vault and Connector

Welcome to the latest update to Endpoint Cloud! In this release, we’re excited to introduce several new features, improvements, and bug fixes to enhance your experience with our platform. From better visibility into the health state of your private cloud vault to enhanced navigation and policy improvements.


  • Beta Feature: Health State of Private Cloud Vault: Now available upon request, the Endpoint Cloud Console displays the health state of your private cloud vault. The health state is indicated by online icons: Healthy (Green), Warning (Yellow), or Critical (Red). The health state is determined by key metrics such as online state, Protection Agent backups, Config Database backups, and connections to Config Database, Index Database, and Datastore.
  • Beta Feature: Email Alerting for Vault Health State: Opt-in to receive email alerts about your vault’s health state. This feature is available under the Administrator Email Reporting Settings on the Endpoint Cloud Console. To disable alerts for archived or out-of-service vaults still registered to your tenant, toggle the Email Alert and Notifications setting under the Vault’s Settings.


  • Improved Protection Page Sorting: You can now sort the Backup Reason, Last Backup, and Last Protected columns under the Unprotected and Protected with Warning views.
  • Index Database Connection Stability Improvement: A connection stability change was made for the Protection Agent Index Database to add stability for connections interrupted by device sleeps.
  • Improved Device Sidebar Navigation: Clicking on the View Device Details icon now opens the device details in a new tab. You can also view the Last Backup details in a new tab by right-clicking on the Last Backup link on the sidebar.
  • Log Shipping Improvements: For customers requiring assistance, the log shipper will now be downloaded from the Cloud instead of the customer vaults.
  • Policy Improvement: The “Pictures” shortcut folder can now be added as part of the backup. The Protection Agent will back up the Pictures folder regardless of its location on the user’s device.
  • Security Enhancements: Updated dependencies for the Connector to improve security.
  • Database Stability Improvements: Updated the Protection Agent, Vault, and Connector database version for enhanced stability.


  • Backup Size Mismatch Resolved: Fixed an issue causing a mismatch of the backup size between the device list and device sidebar.
  • Protection Status Mismatch Resolved: Fixed an issue causing a mismatch of the protection status between the device list and device sidebar.
  • Regression Bug Fixed: Resolved a bug in the Protection Agent that caused transfers to fail during Full Remote Migrations to devices running version 3.0.2 of the Protection Agent. We recommend upgrading your Vaults and agents if you are running version 3.0.2 or older.