MailStore V23.2 – What’s New?

We’re happy to present a new version of our email archiving software:
Version 23.2 of MailStore Server,  the MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE) and MailStore Gateway is available right now.
These are the main new features of V23.2:

MFA for Admins and Users With Integrated Authentication
Local administrators and users in MailStore Server and the MailStore SPE can look forward to increased security when accessing the archive through multi-factor authentication. MFA enhances the protection against unauthorized access. MFA requires an additional one-time-password provided by an authenticator app.

The MFA code must be entered when accessing the archive via the MailStore Client, the Outlook Add-in and Web Access. With the “trusted devices” feature, users can choose to have their device trusted for 14 days before having to re-enter an MFA code. MFA can be enabled by the admin of an installation.

Additional Improvements and Bugfixes
In addition, there are several minor improvements and bug fixes for our products MailStore Server, MailStore SPE, and MailStore Gateway.

One example is the extension of the API: The extension is particularly useful for you as an MSP or reseller, who can use the new command to get a list of all OAuth Authentication certificates with the respective expiry dates. This way, it’s much easier to schedule renewals of the certificates in time before they expire.
In addition, the new version remedies an issue that occurred sometimes when archiving many mailboxes on low-spec machines.

And it goes without saying that Version 23.2 of MailStore Server and the MailStore Service Provider Edition is also GDPR-certified. Another important information for our German partners: The MailStore SPE and MailStore Server are also IDW PS 880 certified.

You can find the detailed changelogs here:
MailStore SPE:
MailStore Server:
MailStore Gateway: