Healthcare – Need to Ensure Compliance

The head of HR at a healthcare company in California was concerned that hybrid workers were not adhering to HIPAA compliance regulations. With people at home, people had gotten lax about sharing patient information over text and email, and saving documents to their computers in ways that were not secure.

The head of HR needed a solution that would be able to monitor activity across the organization to help ensure compliance based on specific HIPAA standards. He wanted to:

  • Monitor workers that were working from home
  • Know if people were not complying with important standards
  • Have proof of non-compliance without having to access workers’ machines directly.

Together with the healthcare system’s CTV, the head of HR installed Veriato across the organization. Veriato helps ensure that all workers remain compliant. Managers can now:

  • Record activity on individual worker machines without having to access them
  • Customize their recording settings to not capture sensitive patient information
  • Get alerts if specific types data are being accessed
  • View activity to see if non- compliant activity is occurring
  • Block access to specific programs such as file sharing or chat

With Veriato, the HR manager had “eyes and ears” across the organization even for remote and hybrid workers. When someone was not compliant, it was much easier to check and secure proof – without having to directly access a machine. The added monitoring dramatically reduced non-compliance issues.