Why offer an email archiving service with the MailStore SPE?

Are you an MSP? Then find out why you should add email archiving to your portfolio.
In this video, LMS Group, an MSP based in the UK, talk about their experiences with including the MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE) in their service portfolio. You will learn about the following:
– How did the need for email archiving for LMS Group arise in the first place? (00:45)
– Why did LMS Group choose MailStore? (01:15)
– Why did LMS Group switch from MailStore Server to the MailStore SPE? (01:34)
– How do LMS Group’s customers benefit from their email archiving service? (02:09)
– How does the LMS Group as an MSP benefit from the MailStore SPE? (03:10)

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