Mahanagar Bank’s Success Story With Vaultastic

About Mahanagar Co-Operative Bank

The Bank was established by the people from the Ahmednagar Dist. in the name of “The Ahmednagar Sahakari Bank Ltd.” in October 1973, with the intention of helping Mill workers, Dock Workers, a few small shops and self employed people. However, later it was decided that the bank would cater to the needs of the common people from all the sectors of society, changing its name to The Mahanagar Co-operative Bank Ltd. The bank has gained a strong foundation in terms of its membership, resources, assets and profits, with a total of 67 Branches and nonstop 12 hours service in 5 Branches and 52 ATM machines. Being a bank, by laws such as SEBI, there is a requirement to store all email for a certain period of time. As such, before moving to Vaultastic, the bank backed up all mail on premise on local devices or USB’s.


Due to the bank’s growth, the number of emails being transacted was growing rapidly. This email bloat on the
primary mail server was slowing down the user access to their primary mailboxes and creating a storage  management nightmare, to a point that they were backing up mail onto one USB every week! In addition to the manual unproductive effort of procuring, attaching, mounting and copying email data from the server to a USB drive, the bank found it difficult to index and store so many USB drives at the local facility. This sort of storage system was not only cost ineffective, but was also putting the bank at a greater risk of data loss.


The bank was happy to see the capabilities Vaultastic had to offer, which was in line with all their requirements. The
solution comes with unlimited storage, so there was no longer a worry about running out of space or dealing with
storage management issues. Another very unique offering that Vaultastic provided, was the ability for individual users to access their own archive accounts using the self service portal, making it easier to export selective or all mail from their own archive account helping to perform a full mailbox or selective email recovery.


Reduced Email Bloat

Unlimited storage, allows the bank to freely delete mail keeping the primary mailbox trim & improve performance.

Increased Productivity

Using the self service portal, users can get individual access for selective email or full mailbox recovery, increasing the productivity.

Quicker Response

With instant retrieval of email using ediscovery, the response time to customers and compliance officers is vastly reduced.